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Environmental Criminology (ECRI) announces UK government National Crime Faculty purchase of Rigel geographic profiling system.

(Friday 11th February, 2000, Vancouver, BC)—The National Crime Faculty, founded in 1995, is part of the British Home Office providing a wide range of support for serious crime investigations for all UK police agencies. This support includes psychological profiling, crime analysis, linkage analysis for murder, rape and abduction, as well as a geographic profiling services.

In addition, the NCF is creating a training centre for European law enforcement agencies wishing to implement geographic profiling within their own departments.

ECRI's geographic profiling system enables law enforcement agencies to identify the residence of serial criminals and repeat offenders, and help reduce the costs of criminal investigations.

With a second Rigel system, the NCF will enhance the efforts of the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP, the OPP, and the US Department of Justice, in the provision of geographic profiling services, and in the training of new geographic profilers and analysts.

"In many quarters, British policing is seen as the best in the world," said Barry Dalziel, president and CEO of ECRI. "The NCF works in close partnership with all police agencies in the UK promoting best practices in crime investigations. Using Rigel, the geographic profiling system, and developing a training program for European and UK police agencies, the NCF will continue to advance the use of new methodologies and technologies within the United Kingdom."

ECRI is a Vancouver based software company providing products and services to law enforcement agencies around the world.


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