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National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) to provide crime analysis training and geographic profiling services to US law enforcement agencies, using ECRI's geographic profiling system.

(Thursday 10th Feb, 2000, Vancouver, BC) – Environmental Criminology Research Inc. (ECRI) announced that the NLECTC, an arm of the US Department of Justice, has chosen ECRI's Rigel geographic profiling system to provide crime analysis services to police agencies in the USA. The NLECTC, an agency whose mandate is to evaluate new technologies and provide technological services to police agencies, is creating a training centre for law enforcement agencies wishing to implement geographic analysis of serial crime. In addition, the NLECTC intend to provide geographic analysis services for smaller agencies that have limited technological capability. In N. America the increase in crime has presented significant problems to the 17,000+ law enforcement agencies across the USA. ECRI's geographic profiling system enables law enforcement agencies to identify the residence of serial criminals and repeat offenders, and help reduce the costs of criminal investigations. With Rigel, the NLECTC will enhance the efforts of the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP, the OPP, and the UK's National Crime Faculty, in the training of new geographic analysts. When the multiple client/server system is fully installed, the NLECTC will be capable of training up to 8 analysts per session. The NLECTC will provide pilot systems and analytical services for smaller agencies wishing to make use of geographic analysis in their investigation of serial crime.

"With it's vision of implementing new ideas and technologies in police agencies, the NLECTC and the Department of Justice is providing leadership to law enforcement agencies across the United States of America," said Barry Dalziel, president and CEO of ECRI.  "Using Rigel, the geographic profiling system, and developing a training program for police agencies, the NLECTC will continue to advance the use of technology within the United States law enforcement market".

ECRI is a Vancouver based software company providing products and services to law enforcement agencies around the world.


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