Geographic profiling and the other advanced analysis techniques offered by ECRI’s software products require training to apply them correctly and successfully in police investigations and military applications. ECRI arranges courses at police and military training agencies with professional instructors. Please contact ECRI to register interest and to obtain the latest schedule information: training_email_address

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Course Calendar

Course DatesCourse TypeCountryCityLocationRegistration Page Link
--- 2022 ---
Any time
Police GPAGlobalOnlineGPA Course Details and Registration Link
GPA-I Postponed
GPA-II Oct 24-28, 2022
Police GPAUnited StatesBuena Park, CaliforniaBuena Park PDCalifornia State University Long Beach - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
GPA-I and GPA-II, May 2022 (postponed from January)Police GPAUKLondonUniversity College LondonUCL Jill Dando - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
GPA-I Jan 10-14, 2022
GPA-II postponed to Sept
Police GPAUnited StatesBuena Park, CaliforniaBuena Park PDCalifornia State University Long Beach - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
--- 2021 ---
GPA-I and GPA-II, Oct 4-15, 2021Police GPAAustriaViennaCriminal Intelligence ServiceUCL Jill Dando - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
--- 2020 ---
Spring 2020GPACanadaVancouver, BCBCITBCIT - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
GPA-I: Jan 27-31, 2020
GPA-II: Feb 24 - 28, 2020
Police GPAUnited StatesBuena Park, CaliforniaBuena Park PDCalifornia State University Long Beach - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
Spring 2020Police GPA course in SpanishUnited StatesLos Angeles areaTBDGPA Course Details and Registration Link
--- 2019 ---
GPA-I: Nov 25-29, 2019GPACanadaVancouver, BCBCIT
(course full)
BCIT - GPA Course Details and Registration Link
Sept 1, 2018 onNew Online Police GPA coursen/an/aAvailable worldwide on your own scheduleGPA Course Details and Registration Link

GPA Training Overview

trainingGeographic profiling can be used effectively not just on serial violent crime, but also on serial property/volume crime. Crime and Intelligence Analysts, as well as Detectives and Investigators who regularly deal with serial property crime (auto theft, arson, break and enter, robbery etc.), can benefit from training in geographic profiling. A two-week course in Geographic Profiling for Analysts and Investigators is available, structured as a theory week followed by a practice week.

The first week of the course is a basic introduction to the concepts and theory of geographic profiling, and is generally open to all interested parties. It covers the mathematics and statistics behind the technique. Crime pattern theory, mental maps and criminal hunting area concepts are introduced. It examines how the results of Geographic Profiling can be applied to investigative work, influence search strategies and lead to more effective case analysis.

The second week is a hands-on instructional course that focuses on applying geographic profiling techniques to actual cases (historical or active). This week of the course is frequently limited to law enforcement personnel. Emphasis is on effective analysis, strategy and scenario development and final report generation. The Rigel Analyst software is introduced and is used extensively in this part of the course. Some familiarity of GIS systems will be an asset, but is not essential.

This course is approved by the Committee for Geographic Profiling Analyst Training and Certification (CGPATC), and graduates are eligible for certification as Geographic Profiling Analysts.

Geographic Profiling Analyst Training Brochure (Click here to download PDF version)

Advanced Geographic Profiling Training

The Advanced Geographic Profiling (AGP) course is intended to provide more comprehensive training to equip experienced Geographic Profiling Analysts with the additional skills to handle complex violent crime investigations, including counter-terrorism applications. Graduation from the basic GPA course and additional practical experience is a pre-requisite. In addition students should have prior experience with crime mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), good computer skills, and basic mathematical competence.

The AGP program curriculum includes readings (geographic profiling, environmental criminology, violent crime, mapping and cartography), classroom training, and case work. Various geographic and temporal analysis techniques are covered in addition to geographic profiling, as well as probability and statistics, linkage analysis and criminal profiling.

For additional information on Geographic Profiling training or a list of current agencies offering the training please contact: ECRI Training Email Address

Software Training

ECRI provides online software tutorials for its products, including video demonstrations of how to use the software, and interactive tutorials with exercises using sample data (example: Rigel Workstation Video Tutorial). ECRI also offers short software familiarization courses over the internet or on site with an instructor.