Rigel 2015 Update

ECRI Announces 2015 Product Updates

ECRI continues to enhance the Rigel software products, adding features, increasing performance, updating support for existing and new interfaces, improving the user interface, and fixing any problems discovered. All Rigel products now share a common code base, so applicable improvements are common to all products.

In the past most users received updates in the form of an annual version update, unless they were beta-testing a feature or needed an interim patch to fix a problem. Rigel now has a Check for Updates feature which lets users subscribing to software maintenance get software fixes and new features regularly throughout the year. Rigel can automatically notify you whenever there is a new update available, and you can optionally download the update and install it.

Most minor changes will increment only the software build number that appears in the program About box, but ECRI will still increment the main software version number to denote more significant changes.

New product version numbers for 2015:

Rigel Workstation 2.2
Rigel Analyst 2015
Rigel CIW 1.1
Gemini 2.2

Major changes in 2015:

New Rigel Criminal Investigators Workstation product version added:

– New Bayesian linkage features
– New Witness Description analysis with Age, Height, Hair Color analysis
– Combined suspect ranking scores from multiple analyses

Updated mapping software support:

– ESRI ArcGIS 10.3 (version update)
– latest Google Maps 3.18
– Open Street Maps (new)
– Maptitude (new)
– MapInfo (8.5)

Updated operating system support:

– Windows 10
– .NET 5.0

(Note: Only Microsoft MapPoint, Google Maps, and ESRI ArcGIS are included in the default installation package. Please contact ECRI Support if you require others.)

Other changes and improvements for 2015:

Updated installer to allow for command-line setup without user interaction, supports scripted installation for automatic deployment.

Windows limited user accounts can now update Rigel software without Adminstrator privileges (only if installation to ProgramData is selected).

Better language translation support.

Improvements to database performance.

Improvements to MapPoint map redraw performance.

Improvements to image and animation capture.

New symbology manager allows different sets of symbols to be created and assigned to crimes displayed on the map according to user-defined criteria.

Enhanced Profile Comparison.

Enhanced MGRS support for military systems.

Google Maps online address lookups rate-limited to prevent lockup on fast systems.

Reason for expert system exclusion has been added to the scenario comments.

Fixed some issues with window management.

Fixed some data import issues.

Many other minor improvements and bug fixes.