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Press Release

Environmental Criminology Research Inc. (ECRI) is pleased to announce the availability Rigel 5.0

(March 31st, 2006, Vancouver, BC, Canada )

Environmental Criminology Research Inc. (ECRI) is pleased to announce the availability of Rigel 5.0 geographic profiling software suite: Rigel Analyst for the profiling of property ( or volume ) serial crime, such at robbery, theft, break and enter, arson and auto theft:  Rigel Profiler for profiling violent serial crime such as rape, murder and sexual assault.

Key features of Rigel 5.0 are:

  • New statistics: spiral mean and median hit scores.
  • Improved data entry process for faster and easier entry of crime and suspect details.
  • Improved crime and suspect data importer utility.
  • Ability to export case information to external GIS systems ( such as Google Earth, ESRI ).
  • Enhanced case scenario methods for quicker data modeling and expanded “what if” analysis.
  • New symbol manager for better control and flexibility in assigning map symbols.

This new release of Rigel is built to take advantage of the latest features of Microsoft's XP operating system, MS Office and MS MapPoint and was developed under Microsoft ISV program.

RIGEL geographic profiling software has been applied in thousands of cases and is used by national and local police agencies through out the world.




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