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Press Release

Environmental Criminology Research Inc. (ECRI) is pleased to announce that 2 new police agencies have acquired RIGEL™ Analyst systems

(May 1st, 2003, Vancouver, BC, Canada )

Environmental Criminology Research Inc. (ECRI) is pleased to announce that South Wales Police, UK and Santa Rosa Police, California are the most recent customers to acquire RIGEL Analyst 2.0 and to use it successfully in current police investigations. South Wales have purchased 3 systems and Santa Rosa a single system.

RIGEL Analyst 2.0 is a new geographic profiling system for crime analysts and investigators for the use in property or volume crime investigations (arson, auto-theft, burglary, break and enter, etc.).

RIGEL Analyst 2.0 uses the same proven CGT geographic profiling engine as the full RIGEL Profiler system, but with a new streamlined user interface designed for Microsoft Windows PC platforms. An integrated copy of Microsoft's MapPoint Geographic Information Systems is included, with a full North American or European map database on CDROM, avoiding much of the work of exporting and importing map data between different packages.

RIGEL geographic profiling software has been applied to over 700 cases and is used by national and local police agencies through out the world.


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